What are the COVID-19 & City Bylaw Restrictions?

  1. The capacity must be 50%.
  2. People have to sit 2 m apart if they’re not family members.
  3. If a person is showing symptoms they will not be allowed to board the limo.
  4. No glasses for alcohol allowed, only solo cups.

Can we drink in the limo?


Can we make stops on the way?

If you pick the "Hourly Service" then yes, it’s included. if you do "Point A to B" only, it’s an extra charge of $25 and up depending on the distance from the route.

Are under aged people allowed in the limo?


What is the Cancellation Policy?

More than 2 weeks out, cancellation fee is 7%.
Within 2 weeks, cancellation fee is 12%.
Within a week, cancellation fee is 15%.
Within 72 hours 25% will be deducted.
Within 48 hours 35 % will be deducted.
Within 24 hours 50% will be deducted.

If you booked through text and pay a deposit of $50, in the event of cancellation, the deposit is not refundable.