White Lincoln Town Car Full Stretched Limo 2


Up to 9 passengers
$119 per hour
$89 for Point A to B

Wedding & Grad Package
4 hours deal for $494 (includes a bottle of champagne, cooler filled with ice, glasses and solo cups, ride at the end of the night for the bride and groom to the hotel – Edmonton within package only, for other packages the ride at night will be 20% off)

Birthdays and Outings Package
2 hours deal for $259 (includes ice, solo cups and glasses only)


    NOTE: Once you select the hourly rate that applies to you, make sure to use the box to the right to indicate how many hours you want (beside the dropdown below).

    • 119 $

    One-way Point A to B (or Round Trip)

    Once you select the "One-way Point A to B" rate that applies to you, make sure to indicate if you need a round trip.

    • 89 $


    • 494 $



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