White Ford Excursion SUV


Up to 14 passengers
$139 per hour
$109 for Point A to B

Wedding & Grad Package
4 hours deal for $554 (includes a bottle of champagne, cooler filled with ice, glasses and solo cups, ride at the end of the night for the bride and groom to the hotel, Edmonton only)

Birthdays and Outings Package
2 hours deal for $264 (includes an ice cooler, solo cups and glasses only)


    NOTE: Once you select the hourly rate that applies to you, make sure to use the box to the right to indicate how many hours you want (beside the dropdown below).

    • 139 $

    One-way Point A to B (or Round Trip)

    Once you select the "One-way Point A to B" rate that applies to you, make sure to indicate if you need a round trip.

    • 129 $


    • 554 $



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COVID-19 & City Bylaw Restrictions:

  1. The capacity must be 50%.
  2. People have to sit 2 m apart if they’re not family members.
  3. If a person is showing symptoms they will not be allowed to board the limo.
  4. No glasses for alcohol allowed, only solo cups.